Warning: Another Major Trigger Warning but videos like this are important.
From the best I can tell, one of the guys is a High School Teacher concerned about CRT. He was invited on the other guy’s show to discuss possible problems and solutions to teaching CRT in the classroom.

Following problems with this very unhealthy dialogue.

  • 3 people bullying one guy. I’m not sure they ever even really got to the reason for this high school teacher engaging.
  • Notice how they are not willing to hear contradiction.
  • No ability to prove any of this only trying to get him to assume it’s already true.
  • Attitude of, “I’m not hear to help you understand. I’m hear to make you submit.”

These are the loudest voices in the room who yell loud enough to make the nicer people submit. This is why you need to be armed with the truth.

Just the other day, I heard a conversation that went something like this…
Person one- “I am a huge fan of CRT.”
Person two- “Really? What is the goal of CRT?”
Person one- “To end racism.”
Person two- “Wow. That’s awesome. How are we going to do that?”
Person one- “By showing everyone that whiteness has ruined the world.”
Person two- “How has that happened?”
Person one- “Your a racist. If you don’t know I don’t have time to talk to you.”

This is how conversations are being shut down. Here’s the bottom line. You are not their victim and you do not have to agree. The 11th commandment is not Thou Shalt Be Nice. This does not mean we should ever be a jerk but IT IS OKAY TO DISAGREE or at least ask for EVIDENCE. One of the two most healthy statements you can make to someone is “Tell me more” and “prove it.” It is what it is.

If the link below does not work, try this: https://youtu.be/mlgGshMN-2w

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