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This year was the best ever at GROW ’13.
I’ve been attending this conference since it’s second year and it’s been a joy to watch it grow into what it is.
There also something special about attending a conference where you don’t worry anything other than getting better. There’s no one to impress and nothing is expected of you.
Just a great atmosphere of honor, integrity, and a sincere desire to help you grow.

For that reason I will continue to attend this event every year and continue to become more and more involved in the process.

I’ve come home with my heart and my notebook full of fresh ideas and inspiration.

Thanks to everyone at Church of the Highlands for continuing to be one of the most awesome influences in my life.

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Day Two Takeaway from GROW ’13

hero-grow-your-business-627f28ee45bdc66fdc1f4b9d2c793395DAY TWO!

This week I’m enjoying The GROW Conference for the third year and am loving every minute of it.

Most conferences I try to come away with one takeaway. This conference has been so impactful in my life that I now try to have one takeaway per day.


TAKEAWAY: You can have all the right things but if it’s not with the right reason in mind… you’re wasting your time.

It can be so easy to grab a nice graphic or use the same paperwork and feel you will have the same result. However, this is not the case. More important than doing the same thing is having the same spirit and motivation.

Why do we do worship experiences the way we do?
Why do we have DISCOVER | RLC?
Why do we…?

It’s all about reaching those far from God and then setting on a path toward success and ultimate fulfillment in Christ. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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What Is DISCOVER | RLC to Me?


My dad taught me whenever looking for a car to buy to always check under the hood.
Always look and see how the engine was.
A car can look great on the outside. It can have a great paint job with great tires, amazing upholstery, and all the extras on the inside.
However, if the engine is bad the car is no good. You can look great and still not be able to get out of the driveway.

That’s why you always look under the hood and see how things are really doing.

That’s what I think DISCOVER | RLC is. After most people have been attending RLC for a while they want to know what we’re all about, what makes us tick, and what’s our game plan for the future.
They want to know what our structure looks like and what the WIN is for us.
In short, they want to look under the hood.

At RLC we want you to know as much as possible about us so you feel comfortable not only calling RLC home but a place to raise your family, give, and serve. Really becoming part of the RLC community.

DISCOVER | RLC is the chance for you to become acquainted with all of the above questions and more.
You’ll also learn about why we do what we do and what the BIG WINs are for us.
There’s even a chance to find out how you can become part of this process and fulfill your God-given ministry calling.
These events happen every month on the first Sunday evening at 6pm with a free meal provided as well as free childcare.


For more information, visit the DISCOVER | RLC Page on the Official Real Life Church website and register for this free event.
I look forward to seeing you there.

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