21 Day Challenge

Every year, Real Life Church makes an effort to start off the year right. We come together for 21 days to pray and fast in an increased focus of spiritual discipline to the Lord and dedicating the year to Him.

As far as prayer is concerned, it’s been a great success.

When it comes to fasting though, people have usually fell into about three categories:

>>> Category 1– Don’t do it.

>>> Category 2– Just focus on not eating certain things and don’t get any spiritual benefit from it.

>>> Category 3– Fast and love it cause they understand it’s spiritual benefits.

Only a few are found in category three. Most people have found themselves in the first two.
In the end we have people who don’t benefit at all from this 21 day process. I’ll admit I’ve been in category two much myself getting so focused on not eating certain things I forget to make a spiritual act of worship. That’s why we’re doing something different this year.

It’s called the MIND | BODY | SOUL 21 Day Challenge.
You are more than welcome to fast for the 21 days like we always do.
This year we’re making the effort to get everyone involved in the process.
For more information on this new 21 day challenge check out the info here.

Also, come back here to my blog each of the 21 Days for inspiration, ideas, and encouragement.

My hope is that as you begin with week one, you will be so enriched by the increase of Bible reading you’ll carry it over to week two. The same then will go for your fasting and increased prayer. Finally we’ll end the 21 Day Challenge on January 25th with a great start to an amazing year. Lets join together and seek God as we kick off the New Year.  I believe God is going to do great things in your life in 2014!


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