21 Days of Prayer: Day One

Hello and welcome to Day One of Real Life Church’s:

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Visit the church’s website (Real Life Church) for details and more about what it is and why we encourage everyone to participate.

Today is the beginning of something awesome. Taking time out of your schedule to incorporate fasting and prayer is something every Christian can benefit from. Let’s be honest though, praying isn’t the issue. We may not enjoy praying and may not really feel we know how. But we all know we need to do it in order to connect with God. The big issue is FASTING!

So what is fasting? Fasting is a spiritual discipline outlined in the Bible and endorsed by Jesus. Even Jesus fasted. Fasting is a certain amount of time we set aside to devote our attention from ourselves toward God.  We do without something for a spiritual purpose. For example, let’s say some decides they are going to fast eating for 24 hours. What does that mean? That means they have made a commitment to say no to their physical desires (eating) for a day as an act of worship to God. Instead of eating at meal times they will find a quiet place (as much as possible), pray, and read their Bible. Fasting is a great way to connect yourself to God in a deeper way.


-Fasting can be anything you deny yourself for a spiritual purpose.
-Fasting does not have to be food based.
-Always seek God and talk with those closest to you about what you should fast.
-Have an accountability partner.
-Know your limits.
-Fasting does not change God. It can and will change you. -Keep a journal while fasting. It enhances the experience.

The real question is this? Are you tired of being bound by issues and situations that’s had you for years? Are you sick of feeling like you cannot ever really get close to God like you want to? Do you find yourself looking at your christian experience and saying, “There must be more”? Then, why not try fasting. The Bible is full of evidence to suggest fasting places us closer to God’s presence and power.

Take the challenge. Set aside these next 21 days and test it out. See if God will not do something in your life. Over the next 21 days you’re life will change for the better. It’s a guarantee.

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