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3 Great Tools to Jump Start a New Reading Habit


Have you ever heard this quote, “Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.”? I have many, many times. It’s true. If your goal is to lead others then you have to make a habit of constantly trying to absorb knowledge. This can come in many forms: books, magazines, blogs, etc. No matter what you do it, constantly learning is a great way to increase your leadership level.

If you will absorb knowledge, life experience will turn it into wisdom as well as help you sift through the unusable info as well.

In this blog post we’ll focus on getting your book reading stream of knowledge going.

3 Great Tools to Jump Start a New Reading Habit

1. Goodreads.com

Goodreads is a social platform where readers from all over the world discuss the good, the bad, and the unreadable. If you’re like me, you have limited time to read every day. No matter how much I want to read, that time slot in my schedule just cannot be increased.  Many times I’ve used Goodreads to check out what others are saying before reading a particular book.

I can find out:

  • Does it have any new information?
  • Does it have good content?
  • What are other people’s takeaways?
  • Who’s the Author?
  • What other books are similar to this that can give me some point of reference?
  • What else has the author written?
  • Has any of my friends recommended this book?

You can find out everything at Goodreads.com. It’s a great place to discover new fiction books as well if that’s your thing.

2. Audible.com

So you’ve been to Goodreads.com and found a great book. If you’re an audiobook fan, you’re next stop has to be Audible.com. In my opinion, this is HANDS DOWN the best place for current, well performed audiobooks right now. Although Google and Amazon are trying to get into this market, Audible is still king right now due to it’s selection and customer service.

It’s also hard to beat their sign up plan which gives you a free book just for trying them out. Who doesn’t love FREE?

3. Amazon.com

Maybe you went to Goodreads.com and found a great book but you’re thing isn’t the audio style. If that’s the case, and you value your hard earned money in any kind of way, Amazon is the place to go. If you are willing to wait a few days for your next book you can get it at a fraction of the original price. You can also check reviews and even get FREE SHIPPING if you have an AMAZON PRIME account.

There you have it. These three tools are the chief ways I am discovering books and taking them in these days.

I want to hear from you. What do you do to “get your read on”?

Don’t forget to share this article to help get my new platform off the ground. Thanks.

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