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57 Leadership Quotes from Nick Saban

1. You have the ups. Sometimes you have the downs.

2. The #1 thing needed to win is mindset.

3. “Win” to me means What Is Important Now.
4. Process which defines what you need to do to accomplish the vision you have.

5. You need work ethic and discipline to execute it every day to be successful.

6. The process is clearly defined but where do you fail? The discipline to execute.

7. Discipline is “here’s something I need to do that I don’t want to do.” Can you make yourself do it?

8. I’m not interested in what you feel like doing.

9. We’re interested in the choices you’re going to make to accomplish the vision you have.

10. Can you stay focused on the vision you have or constantly affected by the circumstances you’re in?

11. The feelings come from the circumstance. The vision has to be the motivator for the choices you make.

12. What sacrifices am I willing to make? What skills I am willing to develop?

13. Everyone has the right to fail. But if you go on the field and don’t do your job, the whole team suffers. You don’t have the right to make everyone else fail.

14. If we have a team full of champions we’ll have a chance to win a championship.

15. There’s no “I” in team. There’s an “I” in win.

16.Intensity is mental energy.

17. Be where you’re feet are. How do I affect the circumstances right now.

18. There’s no substitute for knowledge.

19. No one can respect you if you don’t have knowledge about what you’re supposed to do.

20. Mediocre people don’t like high achievers. High achievers don’t like mediocre people. You must keep everyone on the same standards.

21. Everyone’s got to be positive. Glad to be here.

22. You can affect other people with your body language and energy level.

23. People have to be responsible for their own self-determination.

24. I worked for Bill Belichick for four years. It was a great learning experience.

25. He defined everyone in the organization’s job. He defined the goals of the organization.

26. My job as the head coach is to do the leadership to develop the relationships to do their job.

27. Bill Belichick determines the expectation and the standard.

28. Everything was defined.

29. Somebody defines the expectation and then you have to be accountable to it.

30. Do Your Job.

31. People have to be willing to work and execute on a regular basis.

32. Work is about investing your time and not spending your time.

33. Perseverance – you have to have the ability to overcome adversity to be a good competitor.

34. There can be no great victories in life unless you can overcome tremendous adversity. – Woody Hayes

35. You have to be relentless in how you go after things.

36. Leadership is your willingness to help someone else for their benefit. Leading people for your benefit is manipulation.

37. You have to be someone somebody wants to emulate.

38. You have to care about other people.

39. You have to be willing to serve someone else.

40. Sometimes your presence is really important. Everyone has time to do that.

41. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to say, “Good job”.

42. With ever “Thank You” comes an IOU. “I owe you my very best.”

43. Play-off games are 60-10 games. 60 minutes to play the game and 10 minutes to live with it for the rest of your life.

44. A leader really emphasizes and reinforces the principles and values of the organization.

45. Don’t ever discount the importance of 1-on-1.

46. You lead better if you do it one person at a time.

47. I try to talk the three people individually a week who do everything right.

48. There’s a lot of books written on success. There’s not a lot of books written about how to stay successful. It’s about consistency.

49. Tradition is always under construction. You never get there.

50. Success is momentary. Enjoy it. It’s over. What’s next?

51. To be successful you always have to build.

52. Everything’s about you. It’s not about me. Make it about the individual. Everybody’s self-absorbed.

53. All I hope for, tell me you want to graduate and you want to be in the NFL. Then I can say, “How’s that behavior helping you do that?”

54. The individuals make the team what it is.

55.Do you want to be happy for an hour, eat a steak. Happy for a day, play golf. Happy for a week, go on a cruise. If you want to happy for life, ask If I didn’t show up today would anybody miss me?

56. Pride in performance is really important in being successful.

57. God bless you all. Good luck to you. And Roll Tide!

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