6 Reasons to Give an RLC Life Group a Try

Life Groups are officially kicking back into gear this week at Real Life Church. Maybe you are thinking about taking the plunge and trying one out this week. If so, here are 6 reasons why you should give it a try:

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6 Reasons to give an RLC Life Group a try>>>


1. Life Groups are a place to develop authentic community and lasting friendships.

  • Groups are a predictable and safe environment.
  • They provide excellent support and care in times of crisis, change and stress.
  • A home environment is inviting and relaxing.
  • They’re a great environment for the development of accountability, a sense of belonging and caring.

2. Life Groups foster leadership skills.

  • You’ll develop leadership skills you never knew you had!
  • Groups provide an environment to discover and develop your spiritual gifts by serving one another.

3. Life Groups provide a friendly environment to bring friends and share your life.

  • Some people are more willing to visit a home than a church.
  • You’ll have a natural way to share Christ with friends, relatives and work associates.
  • Many people need to belong before they believe.

4. Life Groups are a safe place to surrender your heart to God and one another in worship prayer.

  • You’ll be introduced to several forms of life group worship including prayer, Bible study, and Communion.
  • Prayer will become more meaningful to you.
  • You’ll receive prayer support from other people and support other through prayer.

5. Life Groups are the optimal environment for sustained life change.

  • Groups help you connect with other believers, which is critical for spiritual growth.
  • They are ideal for mutual encouragement and growth.

6. Life Groups are flexible.

  • Groups can meet anywhere – homes, offices, restaurants and more!
  • They can meet anytime of the week.
  • You can attend more than one group.
  • Groups can schedule their meetings and activities to coincide with the schedules of their members.

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