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A Field Guide to Healing

Let’s SOAP and Grow Together Today with John 4.


‘“Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did! Could he possibly be the Messiah?” ‘ John 4:29


I love the story about the woman at the well for many reasons. There’s so much to learn and grow from here. However, today I read something I have never noticed before. This woman had ISSUES… huge, hairy issues! When she comes to Jesus, He quickly dismantles her lies and gets right to who she is. Have you ever been a victim of this? Have you ever been trying to act impressive and someone cuts you down to size with just a few rightly placed words? I have. It hurts, bad. I came away feeling wounded, embarrassed and insecure. Not this lady. She actually experienced the opposite. She went back to everyone else and basically said, “You have to come see this guy. He has to be more than a man. He knew everything about it… you know that stuff everyone knows be we try to act like isn’t gone on… he knew that!” She was eager to share that He had outed her secrets. How is this possible? How could He have spoke right to her secrets and she later testifies to the whole village about it? I think it is summed up in one word: love. Jesus fully and completely loved her. His goal was to expose her but to heal what was going on inside. Because of this, she was willing to tell everyone who would listen. The Bible is full of statements and ideas we do not always like. We do not like them because they challenge our selfish desires, sinful natures, and stubborn pride. What if God’s Word is not there to enslave us but to heal us from sicknesses we don’t even realize we have?


Today, I will honor God even when it does not always feel good. I will honor God’s commands and guidelines because I know that, like a good father, His will is always for my good. I will read God’s Word as an field guide for healing and not a book of dos and don’t. In His Word there is healing for my deepest hurts and wounds.

I will read God's Word as an field guide for healing and not a book of dos and don't. In His Word there is… Click to Tweet


Help me to run to your Word for strength, encouragement, and a guide to my life.

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