A Letter to Real Life Church>>>

Hello. Hello.

What another amazing weekend at Real Life Church! Things are simply awesome and only getting better.
Here are a few things I wanted to share with you this week…

1. Celebrating changed lives never gets old! Jesus Christ is so amazing! Five people made a decision for Christ this Sunday! Thank You Jesus.
So much of that begins before the response time on Sunday. It begins throughout the week when people are praying for the worship experience. It continues when people serve and give their time and resources. We’re all on this amazing journey together and it’s only getting better.  Thank you for partnering with me to connect people with our awesome God.

2. I can’t wait to share with you a brand new series this weekend entitled, “I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I”.  This series is about how God sees us and therefore how we should see ourselves. You’ll be surprised, challenged, and encouraged to reach for more of God. It’s going to be life changing for all of us. Part 1 is entitled “AMBASSADORS”.


3. LIFEGROUPS- Life groups are a vital part of what happens at RLC. If you currently don’t attend an RLC Life Group you should give it a try. Check out the Real Life Church website for details on where you can get connected today.

4.  Please say a prayer for me! Sunday afternoon following church I will be boarding a plan headed for Jacksonville, Fl. This is for the annual ARC ALL ACCESS Conference. It’s an amazing opportunity to glean ideas, be around other pastors, and gather fresh perspective. It’s also a wonderful time for reflection. I’d be honored for you to pray with me for God to speak something special and specific into my life during this trip. Also for safe travel. (I don’t really like flying.)

That’s all for this week. I look forward to seeing you soon either at Wednesday night AWANA, a life group, or church again Sunday. Hope you have a great week.

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