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Hello RLC!!!

It was another amazing weekend and it’s only getting better! It was also a joy to see everyone connecting with each other. It’s a special thing for a pastor to hear people making dinner plans together after church. It means we’re coming together. I was listening to a pastor one time who said his church was put into a study and out of everyone they were deemed to be most likely to invite a first time guest out to eat after church. What a great sign as to the connectivity and friendliness of their church community.  Let the same be said of us. During church we experience the life-giving power of God. Before and after church we experience the life-giving power of community.

The next couple of weeks for Real Life Church is going to be very eventful. Therefore here are a few things to tell you about…

#1- I Decided to STOP. This week’s message was the lastest installment in our series “MY STORY”. We talked about how stopping something we already know is unhealthy for us seems so much easier than it is. The truth is if we could stop everything we started there would be virtually no broken hearts, hard times, or devastation.  Stopping something can be a life long pursuit. However, when we make Christ the Author and Perfector of our faith (Hebrews 12:2) we can tell the story God wants us to tell.
Below is the video we used to have fun with the idea of just “stopping it”.

#2- Palm Sunday is this Sunday.  If you are a new Christian you may be wondering what this is. Below is a great video explaining the origins. Palm Sunday is a kick off time to Passion week. Passion week is a term for the last week Jesus spent before being crucified for us. Join me in making this year count for Christ. Let’s step out of our comfort zones and invite someone to church, to life group, and to simply join in with our lives as we pursue God together.

#3- The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt.  One of the most talked about events of last year is almost here again.
Out of everything we did in 2012 almost nothing compares to the very first RLC: Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt.

It was so much fun. We are going for it again.  This event is open for the entire community so be sure and bring your friends and neighbors. Here are the details.

WHERE: Preston Miller Park
WHEN: March 29th
TIME: Games begin at 6:30pm | Egg Hunt begins at Dusk

If you would like to serve with us for this great event, email us here.


#4- Easter Celebration. Easter is always a huge time for RLC because we love celebrating our Risen Savior. It’s also a great time because we consider ourselves to be a church on a mission. Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission which is to see our friends experience the love of God in their lives the way we have.
Easter is one of those times when people who usually would not attend church are more interested. So take the chance. Invite someone to join our Easter Celebration.

Here’s a fun example of how NOT to invite your friends to church.


That does it for this week. Can’t wait to see everyone this week at an RLC LifeGroup or this weekend.

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