A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello. Hello.

#1- Celebration. It never gets old seeing people connect with God and seeing their lives changed forever.  Thank you RLC teams for always being so awesome and providing an atmosphere where both God and those far from Him are welcome.

#2- You are God’s Ambassador. The beginning of our new series was simply awesome. Don’t forget this week, “When you know who you are you will know what to do”. Never doubt you are a special possession of God. He thinks about you constantly and His thoughts toward you are great, to give you a hope and a future.

#3- Pray for me this week. Over the next few days I’ll be traveling to Jacksonville, Florida for the ARC’s Annual Conference called ALL ACCESS.  This is an exciting and refreshing time. Thank you for partnering in prayer with me for God’s protection as I fly to Florida and back.

#4- Memorial Day Cookout Coming Up. That’s all for now…. Make plans to be there. Trust me.

#5- Summer of Fun.  I’m already getting really exciting about Summer for Real Life Church. There’s so many awesome things coming up. We’ll be unveiling a lot of great things soon. Just know this is promising to be one of the best we’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get started.


Thank You Jesus for your grace, love, and kindness in our lives.
Thank You RLC teams for your passion toward those who are far from God.

I Love Real Life Church!

Hope you have a great week. See you Sunday!

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