A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!

Another amazing weekend has come and gone.  Once again I cannot express enough how awesome God is. Thank you to everyone for making such an amazing opportunity possible for those far from God to find Him.

At Real Life Church we like to say, “We’re making it hard for people to go to hell by making it easy for them to go to church.”

1. Be Salt and Light. This week I’m praying for all of you to experience opportunities to let your light shine for God. Remember the greatest message you can give isn’t from a pulpit or standing on the lunch room table. It’s living a real life full of the love of God.

2. SUB30. The Wednesday night worship experience now known as SUB30 has been amazing. Last week we experienced FEAR FACTOR as well as the 2nd part of our series “The Walking Dead”. This week is going to be another amazing experience. If you know anyone 30 years and under, tell them about SUB30. It begins at 8:30pm.

3. Summer of Community. This Summer at Real Life Church is going to be awesome. We will be unveiling the plans very soon so be looking for them. Our focus this summer is to connect everyone to all the other Real-Lifer’s and simply “do life” together. It’s going to be great.

4. Be A Life Group Leader. Have you enjoyed the RLC life groups? Have you ever thought about leading a life group yourself?
The next semester of Life Groups will be starting up in August and now is the time to begin planning for it. If you would like to lead a life group have never had the opportunity NO PROBLEM. We’ll help you get started. For more information, contact the RLC team here.

5. Congratulations to Ben Alsobrook. Tonight is a special moment for the Alsobrook family. Their oldest son Ben Alsobrook is receiving his Eagle Scout Honors. It’s amazing to realize how many Eagle Scouts have gone on to become Presidents of The United States, CEOs of Major Corporations, Astronauts, etc, etc, etc. Ben will now join that elite few of scouts have went all the way and become the best. The world is better because of him and we can’t wait to see how he changes it in the days ahead. Congratulations Ben Alsobrook.

6. Praying for the RLC College Peeps. Don’t forget to be praying for our RLC College peeps who will be taking finals all this week. The stress of finals weeks can seems overwhelming but God is faithful and this to shall pass. Let’s pray for God’s grace and peace to overshadow them as the study hard and finish strong.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. You guys are awesome. I cannot wait to see everyone sometime this week either at AWANA, Sub30, or at RLC this weekend.
We serve an amazing God. Let’s be Salt and Light for Him this Week.


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