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Hello RLC! Hope everyone is off to a great week. This week is still young, new and full of opportunities. Here’s the weekly post Sunday blog post for you and a few things I wanted to talk about…


1. Honorology Part 1. Where is the Honor? Yesterday began one of the most important series we’ll cover all year at Real Life Church. The reason for this is because there’s not many things that can add more value to your life than learning the discipline of HONOR. Honor is basically summed up in offering respect in every area of life. Honor is a 360 degree thing. We honor those below us, those over us, and all those around us. We also need to show honor to God and toward ourselves. We posed these questions yesterday:
“What would it look like if your husband spoke to the princess in you and not the negative Nancy you sometimes are?”
“What would it look like if your wife spoke to the king in you rather than the villain you can sometimes be?”
“What would it look like if your boss should you honor, if your kids showed honor, if the overzealous driver who cut you off today in traffic showed a little more honor?”

Would our lives be better? I guarantee they would.
Hopefully we all made the decision that discovering more about honor is worth our time over the next three weeks. There’s amazing blessings that come with a lifestyle of honor.

The key thought of the day was: The more value you give to something the more you can receive from it.

If you can ever grab onto how powerful that is it can transform your entire life.
I look forward to continuing learning about honor with you this coming week as we talk about “Who Do We Honor?” You may be surprised at what we discover.
If you would like to experience the message again, visit the RLC Youtube Channel here. We will be updating the info and have it available to you asap.

2. RLC | Serve Project. RLC will be partnering with the HOPE HOUSE this coming Saturday from 2pm to 5pm at their location to reach out to our community. It’s available to everyone. If you would like to be part of this awesome opportunity, email us here.

3. RLC | Scavenger Hunt. Two weeks ago the Real Life Church Community was set loose on Bowling Green to attempt to win the prize of the first ever RLC | Scavenger Hunt. The pictures and videos were sent in, the scores were tallied, and this past Sunday a winner was declared. Enjoy the video showed this past Sunday all over again here. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.

4. AWANA Awards Ceremony. This Wednesday Night (7.17.13) will end this semester of AWANA. We want to congratulate all the kids who worked so hard and have accomplished so much this past season. We also want to say a big thanks to the AWANA LifeGroup for faithfully serving the kids of RLC and creating a great resource for the growth of the next generation at RLC. If you would like to be a part of the awards ceremony, be at the RLC campus at 6:30pm this Wednesday night and celebrate with us.

You guys are all so awesome. I look forward to seeing you this week or this upcoming weekend.

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