A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC! What an amazing time it is to be a part of God’s family. It was wonderful experiencing and serving our Lord Jesus Christ with you all this past weekend.

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you as we continue in this week and look forward to this coming weekend…

1. No AWANA on Wednesday night. This week there will be no AWANA happening. However, it will return to it’s normal schedule beginning next Wednesday night.  The women’s life group has also been cancelled this week.

2. Jonah’s Legacy recap.  The Jonah Series was amazing and has already become one of the most talked about series RLC has done this year. If you would like to watch the previous Jonah messages be sure to visit the RLC YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
Never forget:

  • The storms in our life are not meant to destroy us but to direct us.
  • You’re never to far that God cannot hear you. He never gives up on you.
  • When we see failure God sees potential.

The legacy of Jonah wasn’t that he got everything right in life. The legacy of Jonah is that by the end of chapter four God reveals the true reason behind it all. We see the trees, God sees the forest. When we see with the eyes of God things begin to come into focus.
How can you see others with God Goggles this week?

why3. WHY? The new series beginning this week is possibly one of the most important series we will do this year. I’ve spent way too much time in my life with questions. Maybe you have too. There have been times when my questions have become so loud inside my own head nothing else could be heard. Maybe you’re relationship with God has hit a stand still because of the volume some of these questions present. Let’s talk about it. I don’t think God is intimidated by our questions. He welcomes them. During this series we’re going to discuss things like:

  • Why Don’t I Always Feel the Presence of God?
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good people?
  • Why Doesn’t God Seem Fair?
  • I Love God So Why Are Bad Things Happening?
  • Why would God Use Me?

This is going to be an awesome series and I’m praying it’s also a healing time for many people who have given up on their relationship with God.

4. Church-wide Scavenger Hunt.  This is something I’m really excited about. The plans are coming together and we should have more info this coming Sunday. You’re going to love it.

5. Baptism. At RLC, we place a high priority on Baptism. When you give your life to Christ, the first act of receiving salvation is between you and God. It’s an amazing moment when the Blood of Jesus washes away all your sin and you become a new creation in Christ. (Romans 10:9) Then, it’s time to go public. The act of Baptism is your public profession of the inward work Christ has done in your heart. At RLC, we love it and celebrate when someone ‘goes public’ with their faith.  We’ve been wanting to offer the opportunity to ‘go public’ for sometime now and finally have the plans finalized. Look forward to hearing more on this exciting opportunity very soon.

summer.of.community.small6. Summer of Community. As everyone now knows, RLC in the middle of what we are calling the SUMMER OF COMMUNITY. This is where we are focusing on expanding the core of RLC and engaging as many as possible with community building opportunities. Currently we have had a church-wide cookout and are coming up on a church-wide scavenger hunt. In the months of July and August there will be more opportunities to connect with those around you and discover what it’s like to truly be a part of the Family of God.  Such events like:
– I Love BG Day (church-wide serve day where we serve the city of Bowling Green through community service)
– Family Movie Night (Bring your kids and come to RLC for a family friendly movie with free popcorn and soda)
– Cookout (RLC loves hanging out and cooking out. Look for another RLC cookout this August)
– Cooking Competition

There are so many great things being added all the time to make this SUMMER OF COMMUNITY something to remember. Be sure to check the RLC WEBSITE SOC PAGE for all updates. You can also check the RLC FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER PAGE for additional info.

7. LifeGroups this Fall. If you would like to be a part of the RLC LifeGroup Leaders this Fall let us know. It’s not too late to be a life group leader. Click here to contact the RLC TEAM.

That’s it for today.
Can’t wait to see you all this week and worship the Lord together.
You’re awesome!

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