A Letter To RLC>>>

Hello RLC!
What an amazing weekend!
It’s always a job celebrating our Great God with you.
Here are a few things I wanted to share with you as we head into the first of August:

1. Honorology. Part 3- “How Do We Honor”. This week was the conclusion of our latest series which was all about Honor. Honor is one of my favorite topics because I truly believe almost nothing can add more value to your life than by surrounding yourself with a culture of honor. Here are a few of the main takeaway’s:
-We don’t honor others because they deserve it but because of how God views them.
-Showing honor doesn’t mean we agree.
-The more you value something the more you can value from it.

Let’s be known as a church who honors others.

Here are the two messages from this series:
PART 1: Where is the Honor
PART 2: Who Do We Honor

2. RLC | FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT. Last night’s Movie Night was amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who came and enjoyed the food, fun, and the movie.
If you enjoyed last night, you’ll love being a part of the RLC Family Life Group this coming fall. Watch for the LifeGroup list coming up later this Fall for your chance to sign up.

3. DISCOVER | RLC. <–Is coming around again this coming Sunday night. It’s the best way to get the 411 on all things RLC. For more information, click here.

4. 21 Days of Prayer. Beginning August 4th through 24th RLC will embark on 21 days of Prayer. I’ll be blogging more about it this week but for now, visit here for more details.

5. Prayer Time. Coming soon to RLC. In the month of August, many new things are going to be coming our way that I’m so excited about. One of these is an opportunity to be a part of the RLC Prayer LifeGroup which will happen every Saturday at 9am to 10am. During this time we will be meeting together to pray for our church and the next day as we interceed for those far from God in our families, our city, our state, and our country. More info on this coming very soon.

6. LifeGroup Leader Training. Ever thought about leading a lifegroup? Want to hear more about our lifegroup system and how you can be a part of it? If that’s you then join us August 11th at 6pm. This time together will show you the blueprint for how you can get more involved in the RLC LifeGroup Community. It’s going to be an amazing even led by our LifeGroup Team Leader Jamey O’Connor.

That’s all for this week. Hope you have a great week and I can’t wait to see you again this coming weekend.


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