A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!

It’s so great to do life and reach forward with you. I’m still celebrating the 5 people who gave their lives to Christ this past weekend! That’s so awesome!

Here are three things I wanted to share with you as we move forward into this week and into August:

1. Series: Prayer. Part 1: Understanding Prayer Recap. Already being called one of the most practical messages we’ve ever had at RLC, this week’s message was something very special for me. I’m always very passionate about trying to put the things of God on the ‘bottom shelf’ so people can grab them.  I think we make the Christian life too complicated some times by our codes, legalism, and sacred cows.  No more Christian-ees. Let’s return to the basics of our faith so we can live a more authentic, effective life full of purpose and joy. There’s nothing more important in any relationship than communication. That’s what prayer is… communication.
The challenge for you this week is to step outside of your “prayer box” and look at prayer as nothing more than a one on one talk with a trusted friend. What would happen if we realized God of the universe wants to hear from us even more than we want to talk with Him? Have you talked to God today?

2. DISCOVER YOUR PLACE. Coming up in two weeks (August 18th) at 6pm is Discover Your Place. This is your opportunity to become part of the RLC community and join the team. Click here for more info and to register for this free event.

3. New Worship Experience Opportunities. It’s finally time. We’re returning to the two service worship experience on August 25th. Make sure you make plans now to adjust your schedule.


4. RLC | FIRST WEDNESDAY. Join Real Life Church at 7pm on the first Wednesday night for what we’re calling First Wednesday.  This powerful worship experience is for believers everywhere as we come together to pursue God and experience His presence.  There will be worship and a practical teaching as well as a time of ministry and communion. Mark your calendars now. I’m not sure if this is working, but click here to sign up for the Facebook Event here.


5. 21 Days of Prayer. August 4th – 24th. Twice a year RLC takes time away to refocus ourselves on the awesome God we serve and His plan for our lives. The next opportunity is coming up in a couple of weeks. We’re shaking the dust of summer off and preparing for an amazing Fall of reaching those far from God and connecting them with life in Christ. We pray together for all our students heading back into a fresh school year. We pray for the favor of God on our church. We pray for the favor of God on our city. We pray for the nations. In short, we experience the fresh air of God’s presence in our lives, jobs, church, and homes as we come together to prepare our hearts for this Fall. As all the information gets posted click here for continual updates and direction.

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