A Letter to RLC>>>

Helloooo RLC!

It was so awesome to see everyone yesterday! What an amazing day! I wanted to share 5 quick things with you:

1. BIG, HUGE SHOUT OUT to one of the amazing ladies of RLC, Kathy! She made the special treats for everyone in the lobby area and it was wonderful. So talented and giving. She showed some of the best of who we are at RLC! Way to go Kathy! You’re awesome!

2. Sunday’s message really changed my life in it’s preparation and I’ve been so blessed to hear that it made a difference in so many of you as well. When we truly see through the eyes of Jesus we experience so much love for those around us. Some have asked for a link to the prayer I read toward the end of the service. Here’s a link to it.

3. Thank you to everyone who served the city of Bowling Green over the weekend at the lighting of the square and the BG Christmas parade! We gave out over 750 cups of free hot chocolate. It was a wonderful experience and we had more fun than those receiving the cocoa. Thanks for the being the hands and feet of Jesus.

4. RLC has another opportunity to serve the city of Bowling Green this weekend. We’re partnering with the HOPE House to give provide presents to over 300 families this Christmas! They’re asking for all willing to help warp the presents this Friday night. I think this is awesome. Half the fun for a child receiving a Christmas gift is ripping off the paper! If you would like the opportunity to serve, email us for more details here.

5. This Sunday begins a fresh series entitled “HOPE”. Don’t miss this amazing two week series and experience HOPE in your life as well as practical tips on sharing HOPE with others.

That’s it for this week. Look forward to seeing you Sunday or at a Life Group this week.

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