A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC! There are 5 things I would love to share with you today…

#1- This past weekend was so awesome. It was great seeing everyone of you. With the holiday season in full swing, finals weeks upon us, work parties, family gatherings, planes to catch, etc, etc, it was something special to see everyone honoring God and worshiping together. We celebrate the one person who also gav their life to Christ Sunday! That never gets old.

#2- Sunday’s message is already being called by some one of the most impactful messages of the year! We do apologize for the technical difficulties which also resulted in it not being as easy to hear for the online audience. However, don’t forget the main point of the week, Bring HOPE. Even more important than bringing your favorite dish, present, or whatever this holiday season, always remember to Bring HOPE to everyone around you. The ones you least expect really need it the most.

#3- December 23rd will be a special day for RLC. We always want to be creative and find fresh ways to do things together. Who ever heard of a church who has a picnic on Mother’s Day or has a FlashLight Easter Egg Hunt with glow-in-the-dark eggs?
Keeping with that same unpredictable theme we will NOT be having a regular service on December 23rd. We WILL be having a special Christmas brunch so we can share the holiday season with our families and having fun together. There will be food, fun, music, and I’ll be reading the Christmas story. You don’t want to miss this. Be looking for the RLC: CONNECT coming out this week with more info and also hear about it this Sunday.

#4- Fasting in January. You’ve already begun hearing me talk about this on Sunday mornings. Every year, RLC begins things right by doing a church-wide fast in the month of January. It’s a 21 day opportunity for you to draw closer to God. This year’s theme is “Because There Must Be More”.  Info such as dates, and types of fasts can be found here. –> A Link to our site with more info is here.
The main question you are probably asking is, “Do I have to do this?” Answer: Of course not. This isn’t some type of ‘right of passage’ or something. It’s simply a time when we try to get closer to God through this spiritual discipline. You’ll be hearing more about it in the weeks to come.

#5- I found some fun videos for Christmas to leave you with today. Hope you enjoy them.

 Tim Hawkins on Christmas

 Christmas Linebacker

Story of Christmas Preformed by Kids

 It’s A Wonderful Life (Full movie)

That’s it for this week. Hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas.  See you Sunday.

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