A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello Real Life Church!!!
It was so great to see everyone this past weekend and I hope your week is off to a great start. There are two main things I wanted to cover with you today.



1. Huge SHOUT OUT to all the Dream Team peeps who were out in FORCE this past weekend! It was awesome to see people plugging into the church, using their gifts, and being excited about what God is doing at RLC. You guys are awesome and such a blessing to my family. Seeing your excitement, love, and commitment to RLC really brings joy into our lives. You’re the BEST.

2. It was so exciting to see all the new faces too. We are in the process of sending out all the first time attender letters but I can’t wait to go ahead and say thank you for being a part of our history making day. It was great.

3. One more HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone who went the extra mile to invite so many of your friends and family. As we say all the time, found people find people. That simply means that once you’ve found Christ in your life you can’t help but want to share that with someone else. Way to go!



1. With the new Worship Experience Times comes new opportunities to not just GO to church but to BE the church. To plug into the power of God by plugging into the local church which I truly believe is the hope of the world. We are the hands and feet of Jesus.
There were several people who made the statement this past weekend that while they have attended RLC for a while, last Sunday was the first time they truly felt like a part of the church. The best place to really feel like your part of the RLC family is to serve with us. It’s so much fun. For more info about how you can use your gifts to do amazing things, send us an email here or let one of the RLC greeters know this Sunday.

2. The new worship experience times also affords you the ability to invite your friends like never before. We now have more room to serve them.

3. One of the big emphasis point for RLC this year is LIFEGROUPS. No one was meant to do life alone. You need to be a part of a life group. It really is awesome and life groups are forming with the main thought of being more convenient. Check out the Real Life Church website for info about life groups.

That’s all for now. There’s such an excitement in the air. God is truly moving RLC forward and now is the time to get on board. It’s going to be amazing to look back a year from now and say we were there when things took off. It’s amazing to be a part of church where God is honored, relationships are priority, and people are connected to Christ.

I love my church.

See you guys this week at a Life Group, AWANA, or this Sunday.

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