A Weekend Wrap Up>>>

Hello RLC! We had an amazing weekend at RLC and I wanted to share with you a few things to celebrate!

1. SATURDAY SERVE DAY. This past Saturday we had a great time serving our awesome city. We serve breakfast to the homeless at the Salvation Army, served at the Family Enrichment Center, sang to and visited people at Fern Terrace, and did landscaping at Hotel Inc. Al these organizations are constantly serving our city and it was an honor to serve them. You are never closer to the heart of God than when you are serving someone else. Thank you to everyone for helping RLC make Saturday such a special day.

2. ONE DECISION FOR CHRIST SUNDAY! The first part of our vision is for people to “KNOW GOD”. Without knowing Him, nothing else works. Jesus said that a good shepherd will leave the 99 and go looking for the one lost sheep. Then, when finding it, will rejoice more over the one than the whole other 99. We celebrate every time someone takes that first step in their faith journey. Praise the Lord!

3. BAPTISM SUNDAY. I had the honor of baptizing three amazing people yesterday afternoon. We believe that salvation is a personal, private moment between you and God. However, at some point that decision needs to be public. That’s what baptism is, going public with your faith. Such an honor to celebrate with these amazing people and their families.

4. BABY DEDICATION. Did you see that precious family on stage Sunday during the second service? RLC loves the Brooks family. We were able to enjoy the special moment of dedicating their newest addition, Mia Charolette Brooks. It was a beautiful moment and one of my favorite things to do as a pastor. Thank you Brooks family for the opportunity.

5. LIFEGROUPS. I am hearing so many great reports of our LifeGroups. Thank you to everyone of our leaders for working so hard and to everyone who attends each week. God is at work in your life and you are going to take some amazing next steps in your walk with God this semester.


1. GET IN A GROUP. It is not too late. Check out the RLC website here to learn more>>> www.experiencerlc.com/life-groups/

2. GET INVOLVED IN NEXT STEPS. Have you been to next steps? What are you waiting for? It’s one of the main things we do at RLC and happens every Sunday during the first service in Hope Cafe! Next week is week one and is the perfect time to get onboard!

3. ONE THING TO STOP. In our message yesterday, we talked about “Stopping” one thing that was hindering you from telling the story God wants you to tell. The best way to make that stick is to tell your LifeGroup this week. Find some accountability and encouragement from those closest to you.

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