This year at ALL ACCESS was probably the best I’ve attended.

The facility was amazing at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Fl.
The app sessions were amazing. The guest speakers were amazing. It was a wonderful investment of time, finances, and energy.
I was also honored to be part of the first group of pastors to hear from Rick Warren since the tragic death of his son. What a true man of God!
His legacy grows with each year.
Truly a modern apostle fathering a generation of pastors.

There was really so many good things it’s hard to pick one take-away. Instead I’ve listed some of my favorite quotes from the sessions below.

One of the main prevailing themes for the conference was “LIVING WELL” physically, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. That really speaks to me.
I’m a workaholic by nature and it’s so valuable to be reminded to keep the first things first.

Thank you so much to the ARC Staff, Lead Team, and army of volunteers/interns for making this year’s ALL ACCESS something I’ll glean from for quite a while.

Tweet-able quotes I caught this year:

“Unless the church is WELL LEAD and WELL FED it will never reach its potential.” Bill Hybels

“God doesn’t start with details. He starts with obedience.” Herbert Cooper

“Your only a healthy pastor if you have a healthy marriage.” Matt Fry

“Don’t be afraid to be who you are. God made you the way you are for a reason.” -Matt Fry

“Right where you are afraid is usually where you have the most anointing.” Rick Bezet

“God will help you with a lot if things but he cannot stand hypocrisy.” Rob Ketterling

“It’s not your love for that city that’s caused God to send you there. It’s your assignment.”Jo Champion

“Need to make sure you are living in order, living well.” -Jo Champion

“The enemy will send problems in church to see who owns the church.” Jo Champion

“When you make an investment in the kids of your church it pays you back.” Willie George

“You define how you are treated.  If people are not treating you right. Guess who’s fault that is? You define how you can serve people.” -Willie George

“God has sent you to a city to reach people who are tuned to the same pitch as you.  If people leave that’s okay. They’re not your people. They’re someone else’s people.

Your people won’t leave you.” -Willie George

“Building the church isn’t about a building but its about building people and growing their relationships.” Christine Caine

“Just because it doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it’s time to quit.” Greg Surratt

“Three things your called to steward: 1. Your time, 2. Your energy, 3. Your money” Stovall Weems


“Our churches should be a leadership factory.” -Mike Murphy


The Recap Video below is actually from last year but the same excitement and impartation was around this year as well.

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