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My Book Reading Rating System

I have added a section to my book reviews and wanted to share them with you. This is in response to conversations I have had where people talk about not having much time for reading. They say that they only have time to read a few books a year so which ones are good but not necessary and which ones need more attention. Since it is not worth having the conversation about how we make time to do what we want to do so everyone has time to read, I decided to play along and add a rating system.

Here is my new book rating system and what they mean:

Must read– Add to the top of your reading list. This book is worth reading now. I will be reading it again. 

Should read– It’s a good book but not life changing. I might read this again but not likely. 

If you have time– This book is something that has enjoyment but nothing to go out of your way to read. Definitely don’t buy it. Instead, check for it at your local library. I will not be reading this book again. 

If you are bored– This book is something I sort of regret reading. I finished it but not with fond memories. If you read this one, you probably have nothing better to do. 

Don’t waste your time– Most likely did not finish this book. Get away from it quickly because it will most likely explode. 

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