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Book Review: Cracking Your Churches Culture Code

CultureCodeBook 23 of 5o in my quest to read 50 books in 52 weeks. (2013)

Cracking Your Churches Culture Code (by:Sam Chand)

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Instant yearly read for me.
Love the concept and respect the chances he takes in this book trying to convince us that what he is saying really does carry such significant weight.
When I first read the opening chapter which said, “Culture is more important that vision.” I thought no way. But once he unpacked everything it was the only explanation for what I have witnessed over and over throughout life. I’ve watched so many great people with great vision seemingly beat their heads against a wall for years and never seem to really get traction. Sam reveals that a seed is only as good as the soil. Put a good vision in bad soil and nothing happens. Put good vision in good soil and the possibilities are endless.

Really love the questions at the end of the chapters as well. Makes it perfect for staff reading and processing.

From Amazon:

Strategies for transforming a toxic church culture

Why is it that the best strategic plans and good leadership often are not able to move churches in the desired direction? Sam Chand contends that toxic culture is to blame. Quite often, leaders don’t sense the toxicity, but it poisons their relationships and derails their vision. This work describes five easily identifiable categories of church culture (inspiring-accepting-stagnant-discouraging-toxic), with diagnostic descriptions in the book and a separate online assessment tool. The reader will be able to identify strengths and needs of their church’s culture, and then apply practical strategies (communication, control and authority, selection and placement of personnel, etc.) to make their church’s culture more positive.

  • Discusses how to diagnose the state of a church’s culture
  • Reveals what it takes to put in place effective strategies for creating a more positive church culture
  • Author served on the board of EQUIP (Dr. John Maxwell’s Ministry), equipping five million leaders world-wide.

This important book offers a clear guide for understanding and recreating a healthy church culture.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
Recommendation: Read it, process it, then… read it again.

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