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Book Review: Death By Black Hole

Author: Neil Degrasse Tyson
Genre:  non-fiction
My rating: If you have time (probably won’t change your day to day life)
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Black-Hole-Cosmic-Quandaries/dp/039335038X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1492715751&sr=1-1&keywords=Death+By+Black+Hole

From the Publisher:

“[Tyson] tackles a great range of subjects . . . with great humor, humility, andmost important humanity.” Entertainment Weekly

Loyal readers of the monthly “Universe” essays in Natural History magazine have long recognized Neil deGrasse Tyson’s talent for guiding them through the mysteries of the cosmos with clarity and enthusiasm. Bringing together more than forty of Tyson’s favorite essays, ?Death by Black Hole? explores a myriad of cosmic topics, from what it would be like to be inside a black hole to the movie industry’s feeble efforts to get its night skies right. One of America’s best-known astrophysicists, Tyson is a natural teacher who simplifies the complexities of astrophysics while sharing his infectious fascination for our universe.

My Observation:

It was good. This book is a textbook for many students jumping into the astrophysical world so I would not call it “light reading”. Death By Black Hole reveals just what level of geek I really am. I thoroughly enjoyed it. From a Christian WorldView (which the author does not share), it is fascinating to see how God has created the Universe and how we have tried to define it. I would not recommend this book for everyone but those out there who are still curious about how the universe works, it is something fun to read. 

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