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Book Review: Good to Great

good-to-great-book-reviewBook 17 of 5o in my quest to read 50 books in 52 weeks. (2013)

Good to Great (by: Jim Collins)

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This book is a huge eye opener. So many times we wonder why we hit this glass ceiling. So many leadership books talk about not hitting the ceiling. About pressing boundaries and never accepting the status quo. There’s only one problem. Most of them do not tell you how to overcome being really good.

Jim Collins says, “Good is the enemy of great. Too many companies and organizations aren’t great because they are really good.” This has been the story of so many things I’ve been a part of. We were never truly great simply because we were really good…. and satisfied.

This book is for everyone who is not satisfied with being good. It might hurt but it’s worth the stretch.

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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