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Book Review: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Athiest

“One who claims to be a skeptic of one set of beliefs is actually a true believer in another set of beliefs.” -Frank Turek

Author: Norman Geiseler, Frank Turek

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Publishers Note: To some, the concept of having faith in a higher power or a set of religious beliefs is nonsensical. Indeed, many view religion in general, and Christianity in particular, as unfounded and unreasonable.

Norman Geisler and Frank Turek argue, however, that Christianity is not only more reasonable than all other belief systems, but is indeed more rational than unbelief itself. With conviction and clear thinking, Geisler and Turek guide readers through some of the traditional, tested arguments for the existence of a creator God. They move into an examination of the source of morality and the reliability of the New Testament accounts concerning Jesus. The final section of the book deals with a detailed investigation of the claims of Christ. This volume will be an interesting read for those skeptical about Christianity, as well as a helpful resource for Christians seeking to articulate a more sophisticated defense of their faith. 

My Thoughts

Frank Turek, one of the authors, is becoming famous for asking the question to any atheist, “If Christianity were true, would you follow Jesus?” This is one of the most amazing questions to ask. It instantly helps you realize whether you have someone who is struggling with the evidence, struggling with not wanting to give authority to God, or has some type of emotional issues. In this book, the authors help you answer the evidence questions thorough, yet entertaining clarity. Here are some of my favorite quotes…

Ronald Reagan once quipped, “I’ve noticed all those in favor of abortion are already born.” Indeed, all pro-abortionists would become pro-life immediately if they found themselves back in the womb

God has provided enough evidence in this life to convince anyone willing to believe, yet he has also left some ambiguity so as not to compel the unwilling

Contrary to what is being taught in many public schools, truth is not relative but absolute. If something is true, it’s true for all people, at all times, in all places

My Rating: Must Read

This book is something that everyone should read, whether or not you are a Christian. It systematically moves through many of the objections I have ever heard about faith. It will build the faith of every believer and cause every unbeliever to seriously consider Jesus. Click here to view my personal rating system.  

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