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Book Review: The Lord of the Rings

lord-of-the-rings-trilogy-movie-poster-2003-1020187968Book 9, 10, 11  of 5o in my quest to read 50 books in 52 weeks. (2013)

The Lord of the Rings (by: J.R.R. Tolkien)
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Just like I said when talking about the Hobbit, it blows my mind that entire college courses have been taught about these works.  At the beginning of the story Tolkien says he wrote this trilogy to provide more info about the ring which Bilbo had AND to try his hand at a long story. I believe we can all agree he did very well presenting both.

I wouldn’t call myself a fanatical fan. That title is usually reserved for people who’ve read the Silmarillion. That’s a compilation of stories Tolkien was writing when he died.

However, these books are most likely going to be a annual read for me. I usually do so during the holidays or summer when the idea is to break away from the normal flow.


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