How Can I Trust the Bible

The Bible can defend itself. There’s a famous saying that says, “It is said that the Bible is like a lion; it does not need to be defended but simply let loose.
The Word of God has proven itself throughout time and history.

In preparation for the next part of our series “Can the Bible Be Trusted?”, I wanted to give you some additional resources to further your trust in the Word of God. Below are books, links to articles, podcasts, and people who regularly write and speak in defense of Christian faith. It all really comes down to one question though, “What will you do with Jesus?” If you are looking to not believe, you’ll find some random information and voice to support your opinion. If you choose to believe the mountain of evidence that says God is real and wants to be active in your life, there’s an opportunity for that too. What are you going to do with Jesus?

No God but One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity (Nabeel Qureshi)
Quantum Christianity (Aaron D Davis)
The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel)
Cold Case Christianity (J.Warner Wallace)
Making Sense of God (Timothy Keller)
God’s Crime Scene (J. Warner Wallce)
The Reason for God (Timothy Keller)
Misunderstanding Scripture With Western Eyes (E. Randolph Richards)
Evidence for God (Michael Licona)
A Ready Defense (Josh Mcdowell)
The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
 (John Mcdowell)

Can We Prove the Bible Is True?
You Can Trust the Bible
How Do We Know the Bible Is True?
How Do I Respond to Bible Critics?
How Do I Handle Bible Difficulties?
Is the Bible Reliable?
Proof, I want proof
Scientists Prove Existence of God
Proving God’s Existence (Would You Believe If He Showed Up at Your Door?)
Creation: “Where’s the Proof?” (When the person you talk to on creation insists that you “leave the Bible out of it,” they are really saying the deck should be stacked one way.)

Cold Case Christianity Podcast
Apologetics 101
Apologetics Unplugged

Rick Warren
Josh McDowell
C.S. Lewis

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