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21 Day Challenge: BODY

Here it is, the final week, of our 21 Day Challenge. The first week we focused on the Mind and gave you a reading plan. The second week we focused on the Spirit and we did the Daniel Fast and had recipes online. This week, our last week of the 7 day challenge, we are focusing on the Body. During these seven days, we are going to do some type of exercise for at least 20 minutes each day. And, I want to encourage you to keep going with the reading and the fasting as you finish this week strong!

The Bible tells us that our bodies are temples to house the Holy Spirit. Because we are His Temple, we should take care of our bodies BUT because we have the power of the Holy Spirit living in us, He gives us the strength we need to take care of ourselves!

Exercise may already be a part of your daily life…if so, I want to encourage you to dig a little deeper these next seven days. Run an extra mile, do extra push up’s, etc. If exercise is new to you, you can start somewhere! Today in the lobby after service we will have a table that has information about 2 different exercise programs in the area that are FREE to you this week!

Here is a list of suggestions for the next 7 days…

*Walk on the treadmill or in your neighborhood

*Go for a jog/run

*Ride your bike

*Jump rope

*Do push up’s, sit up’s stretches and lunges

*Do an interval workout (run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, repeat)

*Swim laps

*Take a class at your local gym (spin class, dance class, aerobics)

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21 days of prayer and fasting, Read Everything

The Daniel Fast: Part 2

This Sunday we’re beginning part 2 of the MIND | SOUL | BODY 21 Day Challenge.
This will be the Daniel Fast.

While there are many types of fasting we feel the Daniel Fast is one of the best for corporate fasting simply because the most amount of people can participate. There’s almost nothing better than joining with a large group of people and fasting together. It’s an amazingly unifying. Maybe it’s because we are experiencing God together or maybe it’s that misery loves company… I’m not sure which it is. Either way, fasting together is a wonderful experience.
Here are some more practical ideas to make it successful.


1. PLAN AHEAD – You will spend more time in the kitchen as you prepare each meal, so it is best to plan your meals ahead.  

2. DOUBLE IT – When you find a recipe you like, make double the recipe.  This way you will have leftovers for those days when you are just not home as much or you can take it to work with you for lunch.

3. GIVE YOURSELF MORE TIME TO SHOP! – You will spend more time than usual at the grocery store in the produce section, as well as searching for ingredients you may not usually purchase.

4. BUDGET MORE FOR GROCERIES THIS WEEK – Fresh foods and organic foods tend to cost a little more, but remember that you are not eating out so the money you usually spend in restaurants you are now spending in the grocery store.

5. WATER, WATER, WATER – Water is a great filler when you get a little hungry, but also, our body needs lots of water anyway that we don’t usually provide it.  Because you are not drinking as many other liquids, make sure to drink plenty of water.  The first few days of the fast it is especially important to drink lots of water because you will most likely experience headaches.  The more water you drink, the less intense and frequent your headaches should be.  The first day of the fast, try to drink a gallon of water.  This will help ward off headaches and aids the detoxing process.

6. MORE BATHROOM BREAKS – :) It’s the truth!  Because you are drinking lots of water, you will naturally have to use the bathroom more often. But, this is good.  It means your body is riding itself of toxins!

7. TURN OFF THE TV – I’m not saying that you can’t watch any TV while you are on the fast, but I would suggest limiting your TV watching.  For one, at night can be your ‘weakest’ time, and you can only watch so many pizza commercials before you are more concerned about pepperoni and cheese than you are what God might be speaking to you.  🙂  Also, we have to leave extra time in our day while we are fasting for God to speak to us.

These are just a few tips for fasting that I hope will benefit you.  For those of you who have fasted before, do you have any other great tips for fasting?  If so, please leave a comment and let us know!

Ideas taken from the MarthaFry Blog

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21 days of prayer and fasting, Read Everything

The Daniel Fast


Step 1: Be Specific

Daniel was not vague in his objection to the Babylonian diet. He defined the problem immediately.

  1. The king’s food was against dietary laws.
  2. Daniel and his friends had vowed against wine.
  3. The king’s food had been offered up to idols/demons.

Step 2: Fast as a Spiritual Commitment

The Daniel Fast involves a spiritual commitment to God. “Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself” (Daniel 1:8).

Step 3: Reflect Inner Desire by Outer Discipline

Many people have an inner desire for better health, but they can’t discipline themselves to avoid junk food, and other foods that are not good for their health. The physical health you seek from God may be more than an answer to prayer. Your physical health can be linked to any of the following factors:

  1. Your food choices.
  2. The level of your spiritual commitment as reflected in constant prayer during the fast.
  3. Your time commitment. If you determine to fast for a certain time, keep it. For example, if you determine to fast 10 days, don’t stop on Day 9.
  4. Your testimony commitment. Your fast is a statement of faith to God that you want Him to heal your body, and faith is foundational to the Daniel Fast.

Step 4: Pray to Perceive Sin’s Role in Poor Health

Notice James 5:13-16:

  • Sin is something related to the cause of sickness.
  • Lack of health/healing may be the result of spiritual rebellion.
  • Lack of health/healing may be due to sin of wrong intake, i.e. drugs, pornography.
  • Repentance is linked to health according to James.
  • Elders have a role in healing both spiritual and physical health.
  • Sick people must desire to be well
  • The anointing oil could mean
    1. Medicine for healing,
    2. Symbolic of the Holy Spirit, or
    3. It could be baptism
  • Prayer alone may not gain healing, faith is the major factor.
  • In Greek there are several words for “sick”. James uses “Kanino”, which not only includes disease, but also means weak or weary.
  • Attitude is important. James said, “are there any among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.”

Step 5: Fast as a Statement of Faith to Others

Daniel was making a statement of faith when he asked for only vegetables to eat and water to drink, then dared the overseer to compare the appearance of the four sons of Israel with the young men who ate the king’s food.

Step 6: Learn the Effects of the Food You Eat

Why are some foods good for us, and other foods not? What does certain food do to your body? If we really knew, there would likely be some things we would never eat again.

Step 7: Yield All Results to God

Daniel said, “as you see fit, deal with your servants” (Dan. 1:13).


SCRIPTURES USED Daniel 1:12 “Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink.” Daniel 10:3 KJV “I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” PRACTICAL APPLICATION There’s about million different ways to interpret those scriptures. It can also be easy to look for loopholes when you begin to get hungry and grow tired of bean soup. Therefore, we at RLC adopt a simple be straightforward approach. EAT: Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts… Drink Water DON’T EAT: Meats, Sweets, and Breads

When going on a Daniel fast, or any type of fast, if you have questions outside of what Scripture says, prayerfully seek the Lord and be led by the Spirit for the specifics for your personal fast.

banner_danielfast Some info taken from Jentzen Franklin website. Thanks guys.

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21 Day Challenge: Week One

Today begins our 21 Day Challenge!

Here are some suggestions as you begin reading the challenge scripture:

1. Listen to the audio version of The Bible. You can do this while you’re getting ready for the day, driving to work or while exercising. This has been a huge idea for me. Listening to the Word of God is also a great way to engage your imagination.

2. Wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning. Nothing gets us ready for the day like spending the first moments with God and His Word.

3. Read during your lunch break. Stopping in the middle of the day to get into God’s Word and invite Him into our day is a great way to deepen our relationship with Him.

I can’t wait to hear all that God is doing in your lives as you begin the 21 Day Challenge spending time in His Word.


Sunday, Day 1: Acts 1-11
Monday, Day 2: Acts 12-22
Tuesday, Day 3: Acts 23 – Romans 4
Wednesday, Day 4: Romans 5-16
Thursday, Day 5: 1 Corinthians 1-10
Friday, Day 6: 1 Corinthians 11 – 2 Corinthians 3
Saturday Day 7: 2 Corinthians 4 – 13

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21 days of prayer and fasting, A Letter to RLC, Read Everything

21 Day Challenge

Every year, Real Life Church makes an effort to start off the year right. We come together for 21 days to pray and fast in an increased focus of spiritual discipline to the Lord and dedicating the year to Him.

As far as prayer is concerned, it’s been a great success.

When it comes to fasting though, people have usually fell into about three categories:

>>> Category 1– Don’t do it.

>>> Category 2– Just focus on not eating certain things and don’t get any spiritual benefit from it.

>>> Category 3– Fast and love it cause they understand it’s spiritual benefits.

Only a few are found in category three. Most people have found themselves in the first two.
In the end we have people who don’t benefit at all from this 21 day process. I’ll admit I’ve been in category two much myself getting so focused on not eating certain things I forget to make a spiritual act of worship. That’s why we’re doing something different this year.

It’s called the MIND | BODY | SOUL 21 Day Challenge.
You are more than welcome to fast for the 21 days like we always do.
This year we’re making the effort to get everyone involved in the process.
For more information on this new 21 day challenge check out the info here.

Also, come back here to my blog each of the 21 Days for inspiration, ideas, and encouragement.

My hope is that as you begin with week one, you will be so enriched by the increase of Bible reading you’ll carry it over to week two. The same then will go for your fasting and increased prayer. Finally we’ll end the 21 Day Challenge on January 25th with a great start to an amazing year. Lets join together and seek God as we kick off the New Year.  I believe God is going to do great things in your life in 2014!


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