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10 Reasons Why I Love Our Annual “At The Movies” Series?

1. Breaks up the normal schedule.

No matter how much you love church, it can get predictable. Most people actually don’t think that’s a bad thing. I love being able to know what to expect, especially when I’m thinking of inviting friends. The problem is when you get so use to church that you quite expecting God to speak to you. Doing an “out of the box” series like this gives us the opportunity to refresh our perspective.

2. Presents the Gospel in a fresh way.

People are use to seeing a preaching ascend to the stage preach the Gospel. That’s what churches do. They don’t expect churches to show movies.

3. Forever makes these movies markers for the Gospel.

Elf, The Polar Express, Avatar, The Hunger Games, The Help, and The Guardian are just some of the movies we’ve used in the past to tell the story of the Gospel. After using these movies I’ve been told my many people that every time they watch these movies, they think of how we used it to tell about Jesus. I love that. The next time you watch “Elf” at Christmas time you’ll think of Jesus. #winning

4. Speaks to unbelievers.

Hollywood sometimes spend in excess of $200 million on movie projects. We get the benefit of that amazing budget to tell God’s story. I’m continually amazed at how God uses modern day parables to show people who He is.

5. Surprises believers.

Over the years we’ve had several well meaning Christians criticize this evangelistic method. We’ve learned now to simply say, “Just come on and bring a friend. You’ll see.” What they find is people who they’ve been praying for years to see saved, give their lives to Christ every time. Many of these former doubters will come up to me later and say, “I totally get it now.”

6. Shakes off that religious spirit.

It’s hard to watch “Elf” or “The Help” in church and still have a religious criticalness.

7. Who doesn’t like movies?

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like to watch movies. Everyone’s tastes are different but everyone like movies. They’re just fun.

8. Who doesn’t like popcorn?

I mean, really. You get free popcorn and a drink for three straight weeks at church. You can’t loose.

9. Our “At The Movies” series makes inviting people to church a little easier.

Ever wonder why it’s easy to invite people to a special presentation? Because it’s a special presentation. If you invite someone to church, they will possibly put you off. If you invite them to something special that only happens once a year, the law of scarcity comes into effect. The added bonus is we might watch their favorite movie.

10. Our “At The Movies” series helps us live out one of our church’s chief values: “We will do anything short of sin to reach people with the life-giving message of the Gospel”.

We believe the message of the Gospel is so important that we will risk offending Christians to reach the lost. Our goal is not to intentionally offend others but to win people. When you read about Jesus, it appears the only people He offended were stuffy Christians who couldn’t see past their own noses. That’s not us. We only have a limited time on this Earth. We want to reach as many people as possible.

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FIVE Journal Starters You Should Try

Everyone has an opinion, just ask them. The problem is not if we have an opinion but what do we do with it. Many people need a place to express themselves so bad they end up on social media saying things that get them and others in trouble.

That’s one of the many things I love about journaling. I have a place to rant, celebrate, and just verbally explode all over a page. The best part is, no one knows about it.

Need a moment to express yourself? Grab your journal and begin writing.

Here are a few statements you can add to get started:

1.”One thing I’m tired of seeing in the world is ___________________.”

2.”If I gave people a secret glimpse into my ___________________, what they’d find inside is ___________________.”

3.”I think people might be inspired by my story about ___________________.”

4.”I have SO many great tips on how to___________________.”

5.”For years, I’ve been saying, “I ought to write a book about ___________________.”

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A Letter to RLC, Read Everything

A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!
Still celebrating our great weekend and the four people who gave their lives to Christ!!!! It’s such an honor for God to trust us and send people who need Him in our direction.
You’re making a difference RLC.

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you this week:

1. SERIES PREMIERE. This past weekend we began a series that I know is going to change people’s lives forever. It’s impossible to encounter the Word of God and remain the same. We talked about how God specializes in using ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things.

We also talked about the importance of seizing the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity.

Big Ideas:

  • Allow your heart to be broken by the things that break God’s heart.
  • Some of the most important time you’ll spend in your life is time spent seeking God.
  • If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.
  • God can turn your misery into your ministry.

To view the message or download the message notes, click here.

2. SUMMER EVENTS. There are still three more RLC Summer Events happening. Make sure you mark you calendars now so you won’t miss anything. Click here to view the upcoming dates.

3. NEW PODCAST. Many of you have been asking when my new podcast “Better Every Day” will be released. We’re working hard on it and have even begun releasing some pilot episodes. Keep checking back to this blog for more information.

That’s all for now.  It’s going to be a great week. See you this weekend.

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A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC! Still celebrating our great weekend yesterday and the two people who gave their lives to Christ!!!! It’s such an honor for God to trust us and send people who need Him in our direction. You’re making a difference RLC.

1. Friending End. This has already become one of the most talked about series of the year. You show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. To view the message notes and listen to each message, click here. Don’t forget. You might be one God-honoring friendship away from changing the trajectory of your life.

You also might be in a season of redefining some relationships. Who needs to be in your “close friends” list? Who needs to be in your “friends” list? Who needs to have their voice silenced from your feed for now and redefine that relationship?  Have the courage to take some steps forward this week.

2. Work opportunities for the RLC | RENOVATION. Click this link to head over to the RLC | RENOVATION BLOG and view more info. This week’s renovation schedule is:

MONDAY– 6:00pm to 8:00pm
WEDNESDAY– 6:00pm to 8:00pm
SATURDAY– 3:00pm to 6:00pm

3. Thanksgiving Brunch. As of now, we’re planning on having our first ever RLC | THANKSGIVING BRUNCH on November 23rd immediately following our worship experience. Be on the look out for upcoming information.

4. NEW SERIES: AT THE MOVIES. This is something we look forward to all year long. This year is going to be the best one yet.

5. The work this past week at RLC. The below video was taken from the RLC | RENOVATION BLOG. It shows some of the progress made so far.  


That’s all for now. Can’t wait to see you all this week an a RENOVATION work event and this Sunday. It’s going to be a great week.

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A Letter to RLC, Read Everything

A Letter to RLC>>>

What a great weekend we had! It was awesome.  When I look back and see all God has done then look ahead to see what He’s doing, I’m speechless. It’s great to be on this journey together and I love being your pastor! Here are a few things to share with you as we move forward.

1. Series: Friending- Part 2. What if you were ONE FRIEND AWAY from really experiencing some amazing community in your life? If there’s one thing we can all agree on it this… life is better together. Yes, there’s a great chance of experiencing pain and heartache because you’re investing in other people. However, the risk is always worth it.

It’s a standard in God’s Kingdom that there is potential in you which will never be brought out unless it’s drawn out by someone else. You could be one friend away from setting out on the road toward everything God has created you to be.

To listen to the message from this past Sunday or any other in this series, check them out on the RLC website here.

2. RLC | RENOVATION VIDEO. This past Sunday we met many of you to lay out our renovation plan. We had so much fun. We’re going to be posting a video recap very soon. Be sure to visit my blog later today to watch.

3. NEXT RENOVATION WORK OPPORTUNITY. This Thursday Night (October 16th) at 6:00pm we’re converging at RLC to get more accomplished! There will be several things to do some come ready to have a lot of fun and get a little done too.

4. RLC | DRESS DOWN DEMO DAY. This coming Sunday is your chance to take part in all that’s going on at RLC. We’re calling it DRESS DOWN DEMO DAY. Immediately following the worship experience we’re going to head back and demolish some walls to widen our KidsLife area and create a new hallway! It’s going to be a lot of fun and a great time of community. You’re invited. Check out the video above to get all the details.

4. RLC | AT THE MOVIES. Beginning in two weeks will be our annual “RLC | AT THE MOVIES”.  I’m always really excited about this 4 week series. By the time it’s complete, the holiday season will be upon us. Wow. It’s coming up so fast. Make plans now to be at every part of this series as well bring your friends who love movies.

Stay awesome!


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