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Two Mantra’s I Live By

Someone recently asked me a great question:

“Brandon, what is a phrase you live by?”

What they wanted to know was if I had a personal mission statement or could I sum up my focus into one phrase.

That’s actually a great question. I know too many people who get up every morning without any idea of how they plan to “WIN” that day.

I told this young leader I have two:




The first one is the way I attack every situation. Before I do anything, I pray. Before I send that text message, I pray first.

Before I book that meeting, I pray first.

Before I tell my wife if I liked her cooking, I pray-pray-pray first. (It’s always excellent, by the way.)

It reminds me that our true strength only comes from above so I want His blessing and wisdom in every action of the day.

The second one is what keeps me motivated to do the RIGHT things.

It’s important to realize as a leader you cannot take anyone where you have not been. So, as a leader we must constantly be growing, expanding, and reaching higher. I don’t read veraciously because I always enjoy it. I do it because I’M THE PACK LEADER.

When I don’t feel like working any more, I do it anyway. Why? Because I’M THE PACK LEADER.

These are the two phrases that give me focus and determination. They also help me prioritize what’s important. They guide me in almost everything I do.

Question for you:

Do you have a personal mission statement or phrase that you live by?

Do you have a plan for how you are going to WIN today?

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A Letter to RLC, Read Everything

A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!
Still celebrating our great weekend and the four people who gave their lives to Christ!!!! It’s such an honor for God to trust us and send people who need Him in our direction.
You’re making a difference RLC.

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you this week:

1. SERIES PREMIERE. This past weekend we began a series that I know is going to change people’s lives forever. It’s impossible to encounter the Word of God and remain the same. We talked about how God specializes in using ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things.

We also talked about the importance of seizing the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity.

Big Ideas:

  • Allow your heart to be broken by the things that break God’s heart.
  • Some of the most important time you’ll spend in your life is time spent seeking God.
  • If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.
  • God can turn your misery into your ministry.

To view the message or download the message notes, click here.

2. SUMMER EVENTS. There are still three more RLC Summer Events happening. Make sure you mark you calendars now so you won’t miss anything. Click here to view the upcoming dates.

3. NEW PODCAST. Many of you have been asking when my new podcast “Better Every Day” will be released. We’re working hard on it and have even begun releasing some pilot episodes. Keep checking back to this blog for more information.

That’s all for now.  It’s going to be a great week. See you this weekend.

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Easter Painting Awesomeness

Every year at RLC we show this video.

It’s always amazing every time I see it.



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5 Ways To Survive Boring Days

Ever been somewhere and, while you’re glad to be there, keep thinking you could be more productive elsewhere? Today could have been such a day for me. My oldest daughter had the chance to compete in an area wide Speech competition. There was a lot of sitting around and waiting for her 15 seconds in the sun. However, I discovered there were several opportunities all around me to make the day more interesting. 

Here’s five ways to thrive instead of survive a boring day:

1. Connect with Different Types of People.

I’m continually amazed at how different we all are. Even if we are similar stages of life we still have different circumstances. It can actually be refreshing to hear about other people’s lives and, just for a moment, not take yourself so seriously.

2. Explore Your Surroundings. 

You’ll be amazed at what you can learn. Some of the most creative ideas we use at RLC have come from other places. Why not look around the curtain, ask for a tour. Many places are proud of their facilities and would love to show you around.

3. Catch Up On Email.

Hello?! You’re stuck there. Why not be productive.

4. Catch Up On Blogs.

What do you use to read your blogs? I like Feedly.

5. Unplug From Your World

Probably the best thing. Sometimes the best way to get inspiration or figure something out is to back away from it. The phrase really is true… Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Turn off your phone and just soak in the nothingness.

Embrace the horror. Just kidding.
Obviously this is what I decided to do with my time.
I’m curious. What do you do when you find your in a similar situation? What do you do when your stuck between appointments or on your child’s field trip and it’s at a low point?
Let me know.
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Story of Forgiveness… Jake

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