CP Resources: Church Metrics


As a church planter of a new church, it is huge to have a very accurate idea of exactly how your young church is doing. Just think about it. You wouldn’t check in on your newborn baby every month or so to make sure it was okay. Yeah right! You would be giving that baby your constant time and attention. It’s the same way with the church. It’s important to know exactly what’s happening on a weekly basis.

Enter Church Metrics.

Built by a church for churches. ChurchMetrics.com is a new, free web app that gives you the ability to track trends within your church. Using dynamic charts, comparative reports and educated projections, it’s never been easier to keep tabs on attendance and giving patterns in your church.

Not only that but you can also keep up with anything you think is worthy such as connection cards, kids attendance, volunteer participation, etc.

Here’s another blog post for further reading. click here.

Here is another link to various videos on Vimeo to get you started.

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