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The Debate of Evolution Vs God

I think everyone is searching. God made us that way. When we are born, there’s something deep inside us longing to know and be known. We want to learn and be wise.
This can be applied to man’s desire to travel to the moon, dive to the bottom of the ocean, and study our very own brains. We want to know.

Somewhere along the way society quit thinking this ‘gift of curiosity’ was something from God and we began to feel we were wiser than God. Thus began the debate of whether or not God even exists. Then, a guy named Darwin came up with a plausible idea for how we all got here and everyone who’s ever wanted to have evidence to point toward no God jumped on his bandwagon. The problem is even Darwin said his theory wasn’t provable. It was merely a plausible theory.

The thing that makes me smile is when I hear atheists argue their point about the existence of evolution and no God.
They have no proof and no real evidence. However they accept it with blind faith while saying Christians who have faith in God are short-sighted.

They are willing to trust in scientists and will even admit they have not done much personal research on their own due to not fully understanding the data. Christians say they believe in God because of personal faith and personal experiences. They learn about God from the Bible but experience Him for themselves. Who would you think was more reliable? Someone who’s giving you a third-party explanation or someone giving you a first-person explanation? If it were in court, a first hand witness has all the credibility.

I still think it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a christian.

The video below is a great example of how muddy this seemingly black and white debate is for the side of evolutionists.

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