Difficulties Prepare Gold


Fire tests gold and silver; a person’s reputation can also be tested.

Proverbs 27:21 GNT


Have you ever watched someone purify gold? It is quite an amazing spectacle. They will heat up the fire and then plunge in the gold. After it has sufficiently melted, you will start to see dark substances rise to the top. The process of identifying the ‘non-gold’, removal, and then doing it all over again can take a while but it is worth the effort because you are left with a much more valuable product than when you began. God will sometimes do this to us. Not because He is trying to destroy us no more than the purifier is trying to destroy the gold. Quick the opposite actually. The metal purifier wouldn’t go through the painstaking process unless He foresees an ability to create even more value than what He began with. That’s the same with God. His goal is not to destroy you. He wants to create even more in you than when He started. So, when you go through seasons of difficulty, maybe instead of praying to get out of the fire we should be praying that it do what it needs to do as quickly as possible. We can say this because we know that God is only using it as a way to bring more value in our lives.


  • I will stop getting mad at God when the fire gets hot.
  • I will trust that He is not trying to hurt me bring get rid of anything that would hold me back.
  • I will stop praying for a door and start praying for purification.


“God, even though I don’t always like the difficult seasons I go through, I realize that You are more FOR me than I can imagine. Therefore, I rest in your peace and know that on the other side of every difficult is a testimony of your faithfulness.”

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