Evolution? Not So Fast!

But keep the Lord Christ holy in your hearts. Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain about the hope you have.

1 Peter 3:15 ESV

Have you noticed that the theory of evolution is so universally accepted that you are considered to be unintelligent if you even dare to ask questions? The challenge I have been running into regarding apologetics and talking to serious people about God is that they have no problem asking me to think critically about what I believe but are not prepared to do themselves.

When I have asked people why they believe so strongly that evolution is completely true and not even open to do debate, they look at me like I’m from another planet. They say things like, “Because it’s science. They have found evidence.” That’s supposed to settle the debate. However, when they ask me about my beliefs I say, “Because it’s true. It’s consistently backed by science. They have found evidence of the historical Jesus and the stories of the Bible are true.” They say that’s not enough. Why can Christianity be attacked but not alternate views with the same open-minded analysis?

The question I have consistently have trouble getting an honest answer for is when I say, “prove it.” I am repeated asked to prove the viability of God but if I ask for the return, my atheist friends get offended.

For all my Christian friends who struggle to sometimes hold your ground in a conversation, below is a dramatize conversation about a student questioning a teacher on evolution. This is not realistic but it’s an entertaining way to get the facts.

Here’s my point. Let’s be intellectually honest. Most Christians do not realize that, when it comes to the theory of evolution, they are expected to fight with both hands tied behind their backs. They don’t realize that most of the “facts” evolution holds to are not as ‘iron-clad’ as you are led to believe. I don’t think this is a grand conspiracy or an elaborate plot by college professors. I think they have just been taught something and then passed it on without actually studying the data.

So, before trying to find a way to fit evolution into your Christian worldview, consider the following ideas.

  • Evolution is a theory, not undeniable science.
  • The facts that give validity to evolution are not air-tight. They are actually full of holes and guesswork.
  • Common characteristics in all animals doesn’t necessarily point to a common ancestor but a common Creator.
  • Evolution cannot even come close to explaining many of the amazing complexities of the human body; i.e.- eye, brain chemistry, ear drum, etc. (Never heard this before? Read into it. The human body is amazing.)
  • The theory of evolution has not been around that long.
  • There is no such thing as the missing link. Think about it. If we are all in a constant state of development, what we see around us would not be right. We would see animals in constant state of evolution. One species would not die off immediately. It would die off gradually. Where are all the half-species that are on their way out?
  • It takes more faith to believe evolution without any reservations than it does to believe in a Creator.
  • Just because smart people say it’s so does not make it so. They can be wrong just like everyone else if their source is flawed.

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