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My First Marathon Training—> The Beginning

Three years ago right after finishing my first half-marathon the plan was to immediately jump into marathon training.
Well time passed, things changed, and no marathon.

This year, I decided to make it finally happen. However before jumping right into a marathon I decided to get healthier and train for another half-marathon first. Three weeks ago that became a reality.

Now here we are.
Some people asked that I track my progress and post my journey somewhere. Here it is.

You can either read it straight from the front page of my blog or from the specific category page here.

I look forward to sharing my running stories, inspirational articles I find, and mainly just sharing the journey with you.

More to come soon.
Thanks for joining the ride. My sincere hope is that it will inspire someone else to try something they once thought of as impossible.

I love the quote, “The person who says something is impossible is usually knocked out of the way by the person doing it.”

Impossibility is a matter of perspective.

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