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God’s Plans Do Not Move In Straight Lines

Today’s S.O.A.P. for me was 2 Samuel 5.


“David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years in all. He had reigned over Judah from Hebron for seven years and six months, and from Jerusalem he reigned over all Israel and Judah for thirty-three years.”
‭‭2 Samuel‬ ‭5:4-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬


I always learn so much from the life of David…

It’s amazing to me that God called David as a teenager to lead Israel however the journey to destiny did not at all happen the way he probably envisioned.
He probably thought he would just walk in and sit on the throne. However, between him and the throne was a giant, years in the military, an evil king trying to kill him, years hiding in caves, then seven years of only ruling part of the kingdom. The road to God’s ultimate direction for our lives is never a straight line. However He is always faithful to us. It is the giants, evil kings, and caves that teach us the faithfulness of God along the way. I bet he spent many days saying, “If a giant couldn’t stop God from accomplishing his will in my life, these kingly duties will not do it either.” He probably also had a different level of respect for the throne than someone who had just been given everything. Look at his leadership compared to the son of Saul that was put on the throne of Israel. David knew how to lead. Saul’s son only knew how to give orders.


Three takeaways from this S.O.A.P about not becoming frustrated when your life is not going in a straight line.

  • You are learning the skills you will use later.
  • You are learning to trust God.
  • God is working on your character and attitude so you will not be crushed under the pressure of the blessings He wants to send into your life.


Help me to trust your process even when I do not see where you are taking me.

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