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GROW 2016 (Children’s Ministry App) Takeaways

Important building block to being a great Children’s Ministry….

-We are not a baby sitting ministry.
-We minister the Word of God to little people.
-Elevate children’s ministry in the eyes of the church.

2. Needs to MIRROR the Call and Vision of your church.
-Everyone has to run the same play.

3. Discipleship is done through Facilitating the Parent not Replacing them.

-Rooms that are safe and age appropriate.
-Fun, preach the Word, safe
-Safe, Safe, Safe
-Build trust with the parents
-Safety- uniform police officer designated to kids
-Safety- toys in appropriate rooms

Excellence is NOT expensive but IS intentional.
-UNO cards with a passionate leader is better than any expensive game console.

People are the most important asset you have.

People don’t know what you know, they only know what they see.

Only 3% of offenders are caught by background checks. The reason you do it so you can protect the church.

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