Life is bigger than right now

Text: Genesis 5

I love the way the Message translation begins with…

This is the family tree of the human race. -Genesis‬ ‭5:1 MSG‬‬

It can be easy to get so busy, keeping your head down and slowly living your day that you can forget about the grand scope of life.

Life is so much bigger than work deadlines, soccer practice, date nights, losing the next 5 pounds, the next movie release, etc. There’s nothing wrong with this pursuits but of we get so focused on the little details we forget that life is bigger. We are part of the human race. We are the prized creation of God. We are loved by Him and NOW is NOT all there is. There’s more to your life than your daily to do list.

Action: Today, don’t ‘miss the forest for the trees. Realize your life is bigger than your daily to do list.

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