Laws of Bible Study

There are several methods of Bible study that may be employed to arrive at a correct understanding of Bible truth. In hermeneutics (interpretation) there are certain principles or laws that must be observed in our study of God’s Word. They are:

I. Law of Application— Application of Scripture may be made only after the correct doctrinal meaning has been determined.

II. Law of Literal Interpretation— When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense, lest it make non-sense. 

III. Law of First Mention— God has order the meaning of a word in it’s first occurrence in Scripture as to forecast how that word would be associated in the rest of the Scriptures. 

IV. Law of Progressive Mention— God make the revelation of any given truth increasingly clear as the Word proceeds to its consummation.

V. Law of Subsequent Mention— God in later Scripture adds details to prior events, or give events never before recorded.

VI. Law of Context–The meaning of any particular element is controlled by what precedes and what follows. A verse out of context is a pre-text.

VII. Law of Discrimination— The Scriptures must be divided so as to make a distinction where God makes a difference.

VIII. Law of Agreement–God will not set forth any passage in His Word which contradicts any other passage. 

IX. Law of Repetition— God will often repeat something previously said as a means of emphasis.

X. Law of Double Reference— A passage may apply primarily to a person or event near at hand, but is used by the Holy Spirit at a later time as applying to the Person of Christ, or the affairs of His kingdom.

XI. Gap Law— God, in the Scriptures, will sometimes skip over lengthy periods of time without comment.

XII. Laws of Right Divisions— God’s Word must be divided according to dispensations, covenants and ethnic groups.

XIII. Law of Types— God often employs types as a divinely appointed illustration of some spiritual truth.

XIV. Law of Numerical Design— Numbers in the Bible have a specific meaning that teach specific truths.

XV. Synthetic Technique— God inspired the literary structure of the Bible so that it is constructed in introversion, alternation, or combinations of both.


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