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Leadership Thoughts of the Week


-I’m unhappy because it/they is/are not good enough

-I cannot fulfill my dream/job because of my/their limitations


-I will make lemonade out of lemons

-I will celebrate where it/they is/are while challenging to move forward

I will see what could be instead of lamenting what is.


Some things are TAUGHT but vision, culture, and a Life-Giving mentality are CAUGHT.


Borrowed values have no power when the pressures on.


You are the chief culture creator.

        -What you do will be repeated.

       -What type of culture are you creating?


What type of leader are you>>>
     -Manages by vision and encouragement 

     -Manages by punishment

     -Manages by intimidation


At any given time almost ¾ (69%) of the people in any room are wired to resist change. (even if it’s for the best)


Leadership is the art of letting people down at a rate they can stand. (The reason is because you are trying to lead them where you want them to go not always where they are naturally inclined to go) -John Maxwell


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