A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!
What a great weekend we have had together. So many WINS to celebrate.
Here are a few things I want to share with you as we move into this week…

As we move into this week, here are a few things to share with you:

1. PERSPECTIVE. This past Sunday had many high moments for me. One was continuing our series where we are talking about seeing our lives through different lenses. It’s so easy to have tunnel vision and see success through such a narrow scope. Having the right perspective can so crucial to understanding what God is doing in your life.

A couple of tweetable moments were:

  • “Success is when those who know you best love and respect you the most.” -John Maxwell
  • Being Christ-Like means thinking with the same motivation as Christ: Love God. Love others.
  • Happiness is on the outside. Joy is from the inside.

2. RLC | CONNECT. Don’t forget the number one way to stay up to date with all things are RLC is still RLC | CONNECT. That’s the weekly eNewsletter which releases on Friday mornings around 7:00am.

3. DISCOVER | YOUR PLACE. Discover Your Place is a strategic night designed for you to dig into who you are, how you are, and how God has made you to fit into Real Life Church.  Through an engaging, hands-on process, you’ll discover your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and giftings, and explore how those things combine perfectly to create a ministry place for you!  You will leave enlightened, equipped, and inspired to take your place in the Body of Christ! *Dinner & Child Care Included!

Time:   6:00 -7:30 pm
Who can attend: Everyone



4. BABY DEDICATION. This past Sunday was an amazing milestone at RLC. We celebrated life as we dedication three children to the Lord. This comes form 1 Samuel when Hannah dedicated her son Samuel back to God. It was an amazing moment for all of us. Below are some pics from this great event. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

[slideshow_deploy id=’705′]

That’s it for this week.

Continue to pray with us for God to continue to give RLC favor as we make a difference in our city.

Let’s change the world together.


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