A Letter To RLC>>>

Hello RLC!
Here are a few things to know:


1. NEW SERIES- MR. AND MRS. BETTER HALF. Did you know that when a couple gets married they rolling the dice and there’s a 54% chance their marriage will not see year five? There’s also a remarkably high number of marriages who will see year five but not without many seasons of separation and counseling.
Why do we have this idea that we can just “wing it” when it comes to such a crucial relationship?
We prepare for years and invest thousands of dollars on our profession but we never give a second thought to our relationships. NOT ANYMORE.

In week one we talked about making a commitment to SEEK GOD through praying together everyday. It is amazing what praying together will do. I made the challenge to pray together everyday for the next six or for the duration of this series. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Check out the RLC | PODCAST to discover how you can take a step toward becoming Mr. and Mrs. Betterhalf here–>. RLC | Podcast from the RLC website here.

2. RLC | CONNECT. Don’t forget the number one way to stay up to date with all things are RLC is still RLC | CONNECT. That’s the weekly eNewsletter which releases on Friday mornings around 7:00am.

real.life_.groups3. LIFEGROUPS. When I made the announcement that some of the SPRING LifeGroups had limited seating available so you needed to be quick to reserve your spot, I wasn’t prepared for the response. WOW! There have been so many people signing up it’s amazing and refreshing.

I cannot wait to see Real Life Church grow deeper this semester in our relationship with God and with each other.

The Bible says that “Iron Sharpens Iron” (Proverbs 27:17) which is talking about the positive potential of relationships in our lives. The only thing about that is though, you have to get close. Two pieces of iron cannot sharpen each other from across the room. They have to get close and rub shoulders, get involved, become friends…. in essence “DO LIFE” together. That’s what LifeGroups are about. We’re taking this journey of life seriously and working together to become all God has called us to be. Check out the RLC LifeGroup List on our website and learn more about what’s going on, where to sign up, and check back often for further group information.


sermonseriesheader4. SOMETHING NEW. Recently we’ve added a new feature to the RLC website. Beginning this year, you can few all the messages not just on the Podcast but also on our website. You can also download the notes from the messages. To check out this new FREE resources, click here.

I’m so excited to be a part of Real Life Church and witness all that God is doing in the lives of those who have to call it home. I can’t wait to see what is coming in 2014.

Don’t forget, you’re awesome.

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