A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!

You guys are so awesome. Here are FOUR things I wanted to share with you as we move into another amazing, promise filled week.


1. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I wanted to say one more time how truly honored I felt this past weekend. Your outpouring of congratulations, kind words, and sincere interest in how my first marathon went was a true blessing. You truly made my journey more enjoyable and I loved seeing your excitement as I share the story.

For those of you who were interested and did not get to hear the results, here are the top three questions asked:

  • Did I enjoy the experience? Answer: Yes
  • Am I sore? Answer: Most definitely.
  • Will I ever do it again? Answer: Count on it.

2. OUR SERIES OPENER. We began a brand new series entitled “I QUIT” this past Sunday with a Prequel called “EMBRACE THE SHAKE”. Before we can talk about moving forward in our lives we must discover where we are. We talked about how a GPS only works if we have a destination and a CURRENT LOCATION. Many of us know where we want to go but haven’t really stopped to realize where we are and what God may be trying to do in our lives even in the middle of difficulty. To listen to this message as well as the TEDtalks video we should, check out the link below.


3. NO FIRST WEDNESDAY IN MAY. We were very excited to begin our FIRST WEDNESDAY schedule again but a scheduling situation has created one more delay. With the end of AWANA approaching we need to give them full reign of our facility for the First Wednesday in May as it’s one of the final weeks of the semester. We apologize for the convenience and look forward to finally picking things back up in June.

4. MOTHER’S DAY. <— Is coming before you know it. Make plans now to attend this year’s Mother’s Day Celebration at RLC. It’s going to be awesome.

That’s all I have for today. Once again thanks so much for being a part of our growing community where we are striving to help people:


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