A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello everyone. Sitting on my deck still celebrating another great weekend at RLC. It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to do life with such amazing people.

As we move into another week, here are a few takeaways from Sunday and things to look forward to>>>

1. ELISHA: PART 4. Getting Your Spiritual Edge Back <— was the topic of this past weekend’s message.
I’ve already begun hearing from so many of you about what a blessing it was and a great challenge. It was challenging for me as well. It’s always refreshing to know that God isn’t mad at us and desires to help us move closer to Him. We just have to be willing to take the steps we can to make it happen as well.

Here were my takeaways form this past Sunday>>>

-The RLC Worship Band Nailed it again! Those guys are awesome. Great to have Allen Clarke back.
-I still love Growth Track so much. It’s always a blessing to hang out with new people in our church and talk about God’s Word together. Discovery 301 is such a profitable part of Growth Track.
-God specializes in helping you find what you didn’t mean to lose.
-Our God is a God of Restoration.
-How do you get close to God again? …One day at a time. Stop looking for the quick fix. It doesn’t exist. Valuable relationship have to be cultivated and protected.

2. SUMMER OF COMMUNITY. There are two different Summer of Community Events coming up this week:

MOVIE DAYS– This Wednesday. more info here.

MEN’S BREAKFAST AND MINI GOLF– This Saturday. more info here.

3. THIS SUNDAY- THE COUNSELOR. Seldom has there been a time when I’ve felt more strongly about a series than I do this one. The time is right. The moment has come. This series on 4 questions Jesus asks us is sure to be something special. I’m already beginning to understand that this series just might be the most important of 2014 for Real Life Church. Below is the series promo. Please don’t miss a single week of it. We’re beginning this Sunday with, “What Are You So Afraid?”


4. BABY DEDICATION- JUNE 29TH. It’s almost that time again. At RLC we love being a part of such an amazing moment like baby dedication. To find out more about how RLC does this and how your family can be involved, click here.

5. MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY. We’ve had a lot of people asking our leadership team lately about becoming members and membership opportunities. Membership is something we love because it means you really identify yourself with the ministry and vision of RLC. There is an opportunity for membership each month at Church 101 which happens on the 1st Sunday of the Month. If you have any questions about this, let me or one of our team leaders know.

That’s all I have for this week. See you Sunday!

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