A Letter to RLC>>>

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week.

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you today:

1. ALTAR EGO. This past Sunday morning we talked about one of the greatest issues plaguing our success as Christ followers and in our striving to do great things with our lives… our right to be offended. Join with me this week and refuse to be offended.

2.NEXT. New series coming in two weeks. —> Transformation is in our DNA. We were created to grow, and the best kind of change leaves a permanent mark on our soul. Let’s learn together what it means to become New.
Following this short series will be the big series everyone is talking about… FORGIVENESS.

3. TAILGATE SUNDAY. Coming OCTOBER 13th immediately following the 11am worship experience is something we’re calling “TAILGATE SUNDAY”! Wear and show your love for your favorite sports team. We’ll be cooking out on the front sidewalk and celebrating our favorite team and our amazing church community. More details on this coming soon.


4. RLC | BAPTISM EXPERIENCE. Words cannot express how truly awesome this past Sunday evening was.  We celebrated the “coming out party” for 13 people going public with their faith! It was truly awesome. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. There will be a video released soon with some of the highlights. Thanks again. This was definitely one of the most amazing things we’ve ever done at RLC. Can’t with to do it again.

5. LIFEGROUP FALL SEMESTER. There’s something for everyone. If you haven’t yet signed up for your LifeGroup—> Click here for our group listings.



This is a great time to be a part of Real Life Church. We’re moving forward together and watching God change so many people’s lives. Thank you for carrying this vision with us. You’re awesome. I look forward to seeing you this weekend at RLC!

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