Letter to RLC>>>

Howdy RLC!

What an amazing weekend we’ve just had. It was awesome! This next week is going to be even more spectacular as well and I cannot wait to see what’s going happen. here are few things I want to share with you today:

#1. This past Sunday was the RLC One Year Anniversary Celebration. It was great. Thank you to everyone who came out in spite of the snow and icky weather to celebrate. RLC is now 1 year old. It’s amazing to see how far we have come and everything God has done. Can’t wait to see what’s in store this year. For those who were wanting to see it again, here is a link to the one year anniversary celebration video the media team created.

#2. This Sunday is a special day as well for RLC. It’s the first time ever RLC has offered two new worship experience options—> 9:30am and 11am.
Now, you might be thinking “BIG DEAL” but to those who have embraced the vision of RLC IT IS. This is an opportunity to provide those far from God with multiple opportunities to come and hear about a God who loves them. It’s an opportunity for those who’ve wanted to get involved with the church to do so. It’s also an opportunity for the serve teams to worship one/serve one. It’s a great day. Can’t wait till this weekend.

#3. I want to say a HUGE WELCOME to over 19 new dream team members! Way to go guys. It’s so great to serve with you. At Real Life Church, we believe it’s one thing to GO to church and another to BE the church.

#4. We have a house now to make it a home.  There are still opportunities available for those interesting in serving. Where can you make a difference in the lives of others?

  •  Media Team
  • Video editing
  • Worship Band
  • KidsLife

Click here to get more info about any of these serve opportunities.

#5. Found people find people.  This is one of the best times of the year to invite those you know who are far from God. Now with two worship experience options it’s easier than ever.  If you’ve found the love of God in your own life you’ll agree there’s nothing greater than helping someone experience it as well.



Let’s do this.

Have a great week.

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