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LifeGroup Leader: Take A Step

When leading a life group it can be difficult sometimes to really feel like you are making an impact on those around you. It’s great to have that one on one conversation or to pray with a member but what about everyone else.

The best idea is to have a goal in your mind for each person in your group.

As a life group leader, your primary role is to know the spiritual condition of your group members and then help each of them move one step closer to Christ during the semester. Knowing that can take a lot of pressure off of you. You’re not there to take them all the way from point A to Z in their relationship with God. This semester, let’s focus on one step. So, on your first and second life group meetings, try to identify where each member is and what one step you want to encourage them to take this season.

taking-the-next-step-graphicHere are some practical steps to accomplish this:

1. If a group member is not in a relationship with Christ, then bring them to a church service where they can hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

2. Encourage group members to be water baptized.

3. Challenge group members to complete the Growth Track.

4. Connect group members to the Dream Team.

This is probably going to be a lot easier than you think to identify.  For instance, if someone becomes part of your group and they have no idea about God at all… they need to meet Jesus. Encourage them to join us on Sunday mornings where they can hear about Christ.  Another example would be maybe someone recently gave their lives to Christ but have no idea what to do next. Encourage them to get baptized and join the Growth Track. It is vital to the health of our groups that we as leaders do all we can to help our members identify their next steps for spiritual growth and encourage them to take them. Simply said—help your group members move towards God this semester!

Proverbs says, “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds.” (Prov. 27:23)

I’m so honored for you to take this journey with me in helping others have deeper, more satisfying relationships with God.

Here are some “ONE STEP” questions and conversation starters…


QUESTION: Tell me about your relationship with Jesus. Does your relationship with Jesus take priority in your life?

>>> If no, share with them your personal testimony and offer to pray with them that Jesus will be Lord of their life.
>>> Invite them to a Sunday worship service.


QUESTION: Are you regularly attending weekly worship services?

>>> If no, offer to meet them on Sunday before service and sit with them.


QUESTION: Have you been water baptized since you have become a believer?

>>> If no, encourage them to be baptized and let the LifeGroup Coordinator know so they can let you know when the next water baptism opportunity will be. Invite the rest of your small group to come for support.


QUESTION: Have you completed the Growth Track?

>>> If no, encourage them to attend the Growth Track. Remind them that it does not have to be done in order so they can jump in at any time! Offer to meet your small group members there attend the Growth Track events together.


QUESTION: Have you identified your spiritual gifts? Are you using them to serve on the Dream Team?

>>> If no, encourage them to attend Discovery 301 on the third Sunday of the month. Even if they have attended Discovery 301 before, it is fun to attend again to discover new things.


QUESTION: Describe your daily Bible reading then ask “Do you use a Bible Reading Plan?”

>>> If no, direct them to the One Year Bible Plan no the Real Life Church Website.page1image17600 page1image17760


QUESTION: Do you have relationships that offer accountability?

>>> If no, encourage them to find an accountability partner especially within the group.

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