Marathon Training: Week 5

Week Five… DONE!


Each week I try to find one inspirational quote that keeps me motivated. This week it was a quote from my very own daughter. She said, “Daddy I want to run a 5k with you.” She’s 6 and she has noticed how much her father enjoys running. That was motivation enough to finish the marathon. If my running inspires her to be active and run… wow.


Cold and rainy. The whole way through my long run this week I was dodging rain but it was still good. Have to admit running on a treadmill for most of these training runs has been tough though. I’ll be glad in about another month when the weather begins to warm a little. At least int the 50s.


This Week’s Training Schedule and Results:

FAST FINISH RUN 1– 4 miles (3.5  easy + .5 moderately hard)

FARTLEK RUN 2– Speed Training (3 miles)


LONG- 8 miles

Total number of runs: 4
Total mileage: 19 mile

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