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Marathon Training: Week One

Week One is COMPLETE!!! Yeah!!!


This week was the first official week of my very first marathon training. Last week I did a lighter version of this week but don’t count it as official training. This week was great because everything was very manageable.  Even the long run is less than what I’m use to so things were pretty comfortable.
Very thankful to be doing this and it’s going to be a great journey.

Some people have hinted they would love to see me create a podcast chronicling my journey. If enough people show interest in this we’ll make it happen so let me know if you would listen to something like that.

That’s it for this week.


“Success = Preparation + Opportunity.” -Zig Ziglar
Nobody is in the right place at the right time. If you are waiting for that moment to come it never will. There have been people though who have experienced the opportunity of a lifetime and were prepared to take it. If you prepared with excellence and keep your eyes open and opportunity to use your skills will eventually present itself. The question is if you will be ready to take it when it comes.



This Week’s Training Schedule and Results:

WORKOUT ONE- Foundational Run- 3 miles

WORKOUT TWO- Foundational Run- 3 miles

WORKOUT THREE- Foundational Run- 3 miles

X-Training- 30 minutes

Long Run: 5 miles

Total number of runs: 4
Total mileage: 14 miles


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